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The sleek, contemporary styling of the keyboard and mouse look great with your new flat-screen display, and the compact size helps save space on your desk.

Some music makes you want to move—and now you can. Bluetooth® wireless connection gives you up to 30 feet of wireless freedom.

Connect any device via the 3.5mm input. Simple setup; always great sound.

Wherever you go in the room, these speakers will sound crisp and clear—even if you’re behind them.

Enjoy true surround sound via six-channel direct inputs using your computer sound card or create 3D stereo surround sound from two channel sources when connecting via the 3.5mm or RCA inputs. 

It’s easy to share the memories by recording a video or taking a photo and sending it to your loved ones.

For on-the-go professionals, Logitech B525 HD Webcam makes it easy to bring a webcam to every meeting, wherever you are

Keep everyone up to date with breathtaking Full HD 1080p video recording with autofocus.

Any meeting place can become a video collaboration space. Logitech GROUP is as simple to use as a mobile phone and as affordable as an office chair.

Set your iPad at any angle within 50 degrees or perfectly flat—to create a comfortable viewing angle no matter what you do.

The Logitech® Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks, with its stable, lightweight design, gives you more comfort around your home – on the sofa, bed, or even the floor.

To get started, all you need do is place your laptop on the Lapdesk and connect the built-in USB 2.0 cable to a USB port on your computer. Since the USB connection is plug-and-play, you will immediately have two speakers powered and ready for use.

Brilliant green laser pointer helps you get their attention—and keep it.

Three-year battery life.Logitech® Incurve 
keys™.Low profile, longer key travel.
Cushioned palm rest.


Integrated wireless keyboard with
touchpad.10-meter (33-foot) wireless 
range.Media-friendly TV keyboard.
Media-friendly TV keyboard.

Designed for laid-back control.Integrated wireless keyboard with touchpad.10-meter (33-foot) wireless range.Media-friendly TV keyboard.

Familiar keyboard layout.Long battery
life.Built to last.Reliable wireless.

Type-on-anything universal keyboard.
Switch easily between devices.Windows
and Mac. Android and iOS.Type in 

Type-on-anything universal keyboard.
Switch easily between devices.
Windows and Mac. Android and iOS.
Type in comfort.

Auto wake/sleep feature wakes iPad when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close it.